Calm Single Apartment Designs with Space Saving Layouts

The layout of these simple single apartment designs were show the urban lifestyle completed with the modern and modular systemic of human living space. The appearance of this apartment that will rob our attention was the colorless application system for almost the entire space of this apartment. The starting point a view that we can see was the simple living room that completed with the huge sofa furniture with similar color scheme. Continue into other space of this apartment, we will see the spacious sectional kitchen applications that already use the thought of practical system. The maximizing space was the main concept of this sectional kitchen. We can see the sectional kitchen table covered the whole side of this kitchen and make use give the best dine for our family. The calm dining room inspirations ideas were supported with the great wall decals inspiration. The black and white wall decals were give calm and comfortable atmosphere in this space. Need a private inspiration? Try out this plaint apartment bedroom landscape, and last but not least the space saving bathroom designs layouts.[via]

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