Black Pyramid House by Suppose Design Office


Suppose Design Office designed a black pyramid in Saijo, Japan, inspired by the earliest house in Japanese architecture called pit dwelling or “tateana jukyo”.

A young couple and their three children wanted a unique house, in which the open public part would preserve privacy. The site which was formerly an open field was excavated and the house was sunk a meter into the ground. The soil from excavations was used to create a protective barrier around the perimeter of the site, and acted as the organic base of the house.

The sunken level is open and consists of the living, kitchen and dining areas. Although it is a meter below ground level it has a lot of natural light. A timber staircase without handrails leads to the first floor where the master bedroom and bath is found. The master bedroom enjoys a terrace, which is cut into the surface of the pyramid-like construction, allowing natural light into the master bedroom.

A minimal steel staircase leads to the most revealing and striking space of the house, the second floor where the children’s bedroom is located. The walls ascend and converge to meet at the skylight where light vigorously pours through into the rest of the house through the central opening where the staircase is located.







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7 thoughts on “Black Pyramid House by Suppose Design Office

  1. when I see this design, there is the same design in my town, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, but has the diffrent function and has bigger form than this house. In my place, the function is just for cafe, but I really like this pyramids black design, very simple and has strong character. great jobs..nice to know..thanks

  2. there has been a lot of rain in japan lately. how would the view be from the kitchen if they were flooded? could you even get in the house other than shooting a grapling hook onto the balcony?

  3. oops.. i just saw the bridge. well why not flood it then and get some fishies..

  4. The design is fantastic and completely original as far as i’m concerned. The problem is; can a building like this ever be aesthetically pleasing in a local neighbourhood. Either way its fantastic.

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