Bottles’ Congress In Braga By Tiago Do Vale Arquitectos

The “Bottles’ Congress” project came as an answer to the very particular challenges presented by a wine and spirits store in unique circumstances.

According to Tiago do Vale, “three questions presented themselves as the development vectors for the project: how does one display over a thousand different references while still treating each bottle as a special, unique product; how does one address that uniqueness with a modular solution; and how does one design a modular solution that still answers, with no compromise, the particular characteristics of a place”.

Bottles’ Congress in Braga

Architecture: Tiago do Vale Arquitectos
Location: Braga, Portugal
Client: Pedro Araújo, Congresso das Garrafas
Construction Year: 2014
Construction Area: 144 m2
Photography: Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography
JM_CongressoGarrafas_002 JM_CongressoGarrafas_004 JM_CongressoGarrafas_007 JM_CongressoGarrafas_010 JM_CongressoGarrafas_015 JM_CongressoGarrafas_020 JM_CongressoGarrafas_026 JM_CongressoGarrafas_027 JM_CongressoGarrafas_030 JM_CongressoGarrafas_031 JM_CongressoGarrafas_032 JM_CongressoGarrafas_038 JM_CongressoGarrafas_039 JM_CongressoGarrafas_040 JM_CongressoGarrafas_044 JM_CongressoGarrafas_049 JM_CongressoGarrafas_056 JM_CongressoGarrafas_057 JM_CongressoGarrafas_058 JM_CongressoGarrafas_060 JM_CongressoGarrafas_064 JM_CongressoGarrafas_077 JM_CongressoGarrafas_082 JM_CongressoGarrafas_083 JM_CongressoGarrafas_084 JM_CongressoGarrafas_086 JM_CongressoGarrafas_087 JM_CongressoGarrafas_093

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