BUMPS Building Unique Black and White Building Construction with Wall Screen Decoration by Sako Architects

This modern block building inspiration design by Sako Architects will allows us to enjoy new design in a building design. Actually, the entire appearance of this house was look like a staircase, but the abstract decoration from every single side will make us have to think twice to call this building. The entire side of this building that design in square shape was completed with the screen that shows several products and advertisement from brand or product names. We can see from the outdoor wall screen decorating designs that complete the front line of this building.

Those decorations show how the futuristic design can be a media to transfer product promotion for marketing field. The modern black and white building plans from this building completely imply modern and minimalist style. Furthermore, glass windows that cover the office space also decorated in both black and white color combinations. If we look this building completely, we will remind with twins building in Malaysia. As the modern eco friendly building, this unique BUMPS building construction was completed with the green park and a huge parking lot. If need an extraordinary decoration, the futuristic wall screen ideas will complete the modern side.

futuristic-wall-screen-ideas-580x817 modern-black-and-white-building-plans-580x1048 modern-block-building-inspiration-design-580x412 outdoor-wall-screen-decorating-designs-580x432 unique-BUMPS-building-construction-580x374

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