C-1 House by Curiosity Inc


Curiosity Inc conceived the C-1 house, located in Tokyo, as a design product in which architecture, furnishings and equipment blend into a single program.

They created a central glass box on three levels, surrounded by a ribbon on three sides, a sort of geometric spiral in which to organize the path of ascent, marking the relationship between closed and open segments of the facades.

Total white is used for the facade finish, while fight wood floors characterize the essential geometric composition of the rigorous sequences of interiors, with sliding full-height glazed dividers.

The custom furnishings are designed to complement the figure of rooms, underlining the philosophy of the whole, in which every action and movement is defined and controlled by the design of the space, which creates a balance between speed and rhythm of everyday life.







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22 thoughts on “C-1 House by Curiosity Inc

  1. I love that it’s one smooth entity.Its ultra modern but doesn’t feel too constricting. The idea is brilliant!!

  2. Stupid dude This suits only for Corporate class people not for the ordinary one.

    Try to do for both of them

  3. This seems to be more a live in office than a house. There seems to a lack of privacy , but would work briulliantly for a live in office kind…( Comnpanys like IDEO , Goole would like to pick ideas from here ) .

  4. you would have to walk around the whole building to get to the 3rd floor…

  5. I love the idea and the minimalist simplicity but it would be for someone who did not need practicality at all and had all the time in the wield in order to admire it

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