Camp Nou Stadium by Foster + Partners


Foster + Partners is going to undertake the remodeling of the Camp Nou stadium.

The new stadium for FC Barcelona will be enlarged to accommodate over 106,000 fans, together with extensive new facilities including hospitality and public areas.




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21 thoughts on “Camp Nou Stadium by Foster + Partners

  1. Lol @ the one who said that Real Madrid is the best…cuz they lost against Jeventus 2-0 LMFAO and in La Liga they did 1-1 against Almeria and now FCBarcelona is #1 and Real is #2

  2. Camp Nou is a mythic place with a glorious history. It must be renoved but it also need to keep the structure, the bones, the soul of this mythic stadium. THe new design had nothing to do with the actual stadium whyyyyyyy????

  3. This will be the best stadium in Europe! I’m just surprised that they managed to expand it.

  4. wow its looks incredible but i think they should keep the same design of the old one

  5. It’s a facking nice stadium.
    en i apriciate that they had a wall, with other nice stadiums. including De Arena:AJax(L)

  6. Pls,be fast about the that more people can watch the sexy and juicy football we play.barca forever!!! This season,we will win the treble in spain.

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