Canoes Landscape


Julio Barreno | Arquitecto projected a building for storage of canoes as another white point in the landscape of Zahara de la Sierra, a small village in the south of Spain.

Here is the project description:

Zahara de la Sierra is a small village in the south of Spain. The landscape is shaped by small white pieces of housing based on the small size of the plots. The aerial view of this landscape is defined by the green and white pixels of the properties in this area.

This building for storing canoes is built as another white point in the landscape.

Three lines define the project’s exact situation in the site: The narrow road going from the secondary one to the water level, the overhead power line crossing the upper part of the site, and the reservoir’s flood water level.

These conditions, along with others, like the bad ground for foundations, decide what the building becomes.

The building is a BY-PASS connecting the parking lot, at the beginning of the secondary road, with the jetty, at water level, so the proposal designs a path between these two points. People get in through the guest entry in their everyday clothes, and leave through the opposite exit with the canoe and sports clothes on their way to the water in the reservoir. In this sense, the building becomes an INTERCHANGER, as a stop, a halt in the path.

For the construction of this element, we used the prevalent materials of this area; white color as the main ingredient and inclined black tiled roof with some white disseminated skylights. These characteristics give the building a certain landscape character. It could be called a BUILDING-LANDSCAPE, a CANOES LANDSCAPE.

In this way, the building emerges as another white element in the spirit of this region’s native landscape.







Special thanks to Julio Barreno from Julio Barreno | Arquitecto for sharing.

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