Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz

Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz is build on a cliff-top near Santiago de Chile.

The brief was to provide a second home laid out on three levels for a couple with eleven daughters, whose ages range from four to twenty, and to provide all services, a master bedroom and spaces for entertaining and guests.

Divided in three floors, the house was built with bare concrete with wood floors, glass, and steel on a 45 degree slope looking down the beach. The bottom floor contains shared spaces, while the second level has the daughters bedrooms, and the top floor has the master bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room.

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6 thoughts on “Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz

  1. 11 daughters with a second home like this!?! 8o How did they do it? What do they do for a living?

    The view from the master is beautiful!

  2. It looks as if the entire house is a series of pavilions on various levels….incredible….i really like the deck with glass railing and staircase….

  3. Some good erosion on the right hand side of the main photo, heading to the sea by the looks of it. Turbidity of the ocean probably not visible from the master bedroom. Otherwise a fine second family home. We should all have one.

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