Concrete House II


A-cero designed a big single-family house with a 1.600 square meter built surface in the outskirts of Madrid.

Here is the project description:

The first sensation that this house produces when people go into the plot is that the building seems to be hidden between concrete walls and vegetable ramps that extend up to the roof. They are dyed in dark gray and contain, between them, vegetation areas that seem to climb towards the sky. The house´s façade show a spectacular organic view of the whole house and so even the hard concrete shows its most kind face.

The back front of the house is totally opened towards the garden where the lounge, dining room, library, study and bedrooms are. In this façade the wide windows, the volumes set and the projections (made of concrete too enhance.  These elements cover the several house´s porches. The large window of the main lounge hides itself automatically in order to make this stay completely opened to the exterior areas.

The plot includes also an elegant garden, a small lake and a pádel track.

The ecological aspect is very in this A-cero’s work: the façade and the roof have the main ecological roles because they are covered with low consume vegetation. Furthermore on the house´s roof has been implemented a renewable energy system made of wide surfaces with solar tubular collectors who allow that the energy autonomy of the house.


















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12 thoughts on “Concrete House II

  1. L’effetto delle strisce a terra nel garage sono fantastiche. Si tratta di un’idea che ammetto farò mia prestissimo! Non solo sono colpito dall’originalità ma dalla eleganza di queste strisce, crediamo con tecnologia a elettroluminescenza, che decorano e arricchiscono il garage. Trovo che si tratti di una soluzione adottabili anche nei grandi parcheggi.

    by Andrea Meini

  2. nice attachment between the surrounding and the structure of the building, although it looks heavy from outside, but you can feel how light and splendid the interior space is.

  3. This an real amazing house and great pictures! Thank you for your Blog, its really awesome!

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