Courtyard House by Studio Junction


Studio Junction designed an infill housing as an alternative urban typology.

By converting a contractor warehouse in a mixed-use industrial neighborhood, the ambition was to create a modern, affordable home and studio for a family of four.

The design of the house is generated by an emphasis on the views and activities of the interior courtyards, where all the windows look inwards.







Photos by Rob Fiocca & Peter Tan


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18 thoughts on “Courtyard House by Studio Junction

  1. where do you put all the junk we (most families) have that no one wants to deal with? Efficency is great but good luck getting most everyone to be efficient.

  2. Efficiency is awesome. I got rid of all my worldly possessions (except for 2 boxes of sentimental items) before I moved cross-country and it was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done. I’ll never acquire a pile of junk again and go through my stuff every year to donate or sell all the things I don’t need or use. I highly recommend living life with less crap 🙂

  3. the storage space is built in. Look more closely at those pictures. But I agree, it is liberating to let go of yer stuff.

    Also, there are in fact bedrooms. Look at the 2nd floor plan.

  4. Very unique. Not sure if i like to live in it, but it is good for a party time.
    Have to be build in a country with no winter !

  5. Great house. I love the concept, but would prefer slightly more space. (I live in Africa, and land/space is generally cheaper here).

  6. Looking back and I am, surprised how things can change. From South Africa moving to Croatia this year
    and thinking that I can use some of this ideas.
    Hope you don’t mind.

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