Els Colors Kindergarten by RCR Arquitectes


The Els Colors kindergarten, designed by RCR Arquitectes, exhibits a simplicity in its composition that is achieved through the juxtaposition of sections that differ only in colour.

The classrooms, communal areas and cafeteria are spread across two rectangular, single level sections, which are connected by a covered passageway that also gives access to the internal courtyard. A taller section is located above the main entrance and is used as multifunctional space.

Steel is used for the vertical structural elements, concrete for the horizontal elements and coloured glass for the red, orange and yellow semi-transparent walls, which help create a happy environment which the children’s imagination can run wild.






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17 thoughts on “Els Colors Kindergarten by RCR Arquitectes

  1. it is funny design . plz can you upload the site and plans of this design

    and i will aske you abautconstruction of the semi-transparent walls

  2. i have been eyeing on this school ever since i saw it on Mostaedi’s book: preschool and kindergarten architecture. i love it. i wanna design something like this.

  3. ohhhhhhh.my god.i wish i have been child.
    i am elham.i am a senior and i am architect student.i would have desighn a kindergarten this term but i dont cought a good desin.would any one help me?
    i nedd some interesting plan and perspective

  4. Not knowing the building plan,are there a lot of coridors and dead ends. Perhaps justification with the layout of the spaces would be appreciated.
    (especially the last view.)

  5. could someone send me some plans and more photos of the inside i would very much appreciate it. are there any other designer centres you have done?

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