Frexport Headquarters by CC Arquitectos


CC Arquitectos designed the new Frexport Headquarters located in Zamora Michoacán, Mexico.

Frexport specializes in the preparation of jams, preserves, yogurt, ice cream and syrups, among others. For this reason, the architects decided that the garden had to become the soul of the project.

The plant palette of green and the strength of the stone are the elements that mark the exotic landscape design where mangos, strawberries and the flora shape the environment.





Via Plataforma Arquitectura

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11 thoughts on “Frexport Headquarters by CC Arquitectos

  1. fabulous website… thanks a ton for providing us mortal souls with such rich content.. keep up the good work!

  2. Anytime that you have a long cantilevered bar of program, there is always the question of how to design the circulation up to it. I think this is a very simple and straightforward approach and I like how the stair is expressed as opposed to hidden.

  3. This is a striking design. Mexico has more modern architecture than most people think. It’s my opinion that less enforcement of building codes can only facilitate far out designs.

  4. En esa gran empresa yo trabajo, me enorgullece pertener a esa gran familia, Frexport S.A de C.V

  5. Why don’t you show pictures within context? Yeah, the bldg might be awesome with regards to its style or whatever, but when you look at the above bldg within its current surroundings…STUPID.

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