Fudomae Apartment by ISSHO Architects

ISSHO Architects projected the Fudomae apartment to make the most of a limited volume while creating a comfortable urban living space.

Each 18 square meter unit fits a living room, kitchen, bathroom and storage. The tight arrangement is transformed into a design expression, particularly through the location and shape of the window, which designates the placement of the bed and other furniture. The window’s angle and height corresponds to both the interior of the room and the scenery outside, linking the Japanese single lifestyle and the natural environment.

Via Contemporist

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4 thoughts on “Fudomae Apartment by ISSHO Architects

  1. I really the architecture and design and it looks really great at night. I did wonder if the windows although great for design are they practical? For example the bedroom – the bed looks the same height as the windows.. but still love the thought and architects design

  2. yes, it looks just like a beautiful lantern at night and it shows stunning contrast with the surrounding buildings! i do feel that thought is put in for the windows to be practical because the openings of the windows are situated either away from the bed or above the bed.

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