Galician Traditional House


MAS Arquitectura designed a galician traditional house on light forms located in A Coruña, Spain.

Project description:

Quality materials and warm spaces have been characterizing the Galician traditional architecture since the XV century. Architect Marcos Samaniego, from Mas Arquitectura, has added a new element to this tradition: the design. As a result, the architect has added enamel wood to galician traditional material, stone, in order to maintain the warmth of the house.

However, the bioclimatic plan of the house leads to a simple lines design, with large windows in the walls in order to allow nature comes into the interior space. The revolutions’ origin. The carpentries, which are introduced into de Stone walls, make stronger the structure.

The interior are emphasized by brightness and warm colors. In addition, the sun light gets over all the spaces from a skylight in the main floor. In the kitchen, you can observe smooth surfaces and design furniture.

Details are very important in this house. The main stair, covered by oak wood, receives the light from the large window and it is decomposed creating a hand-made library.

To sum up, this house means a small transformation on the Galician traditional architecture, an avant-garde wink in a traditional house.







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21 thoughts on “Galician Traditional House

  1. I like how the oak wood brings out the black panelling in this house – there’s something very formal about this colour combination. My favourite part of the house is the small library beneath the stairs – the woodwork is nothing short of genious!

  2. Galician traditional houses certainly bring warm feeling. When you enter such house you instantly feel at home because it feels warm and cozy inside. Other than that, the interior plays a big role in making the house feel comfortable. Houses made of stone makes you feel like you are right in a country even when the house is really in the city.

  3. I like the first photo the best, the interior seems fairly ordinary, but very homely (I could defo live here) – love the book shelves under the stairs

  4. Although I generally hate places like this, I absolutely loved the interior here, not what I expected from the first couple of pictures.

  5. I think the traditional house is an attractive and comfortable home, a stone components certainly will make a homelike atmosphere becomes cooler

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