Hitech Systems Headquarter


UAU Office redesigned the new directional building to abstract itself from the common building scheme, rejecting analogies and mimesis, while intended to assume technology and innovation as its essence.

The traditional building techniques make room to the use of innovative materials or the different exploitation of the old ones, and, at the same time, to the overcoming of conventional building schemes. Through the opposition between the sculptural concrete shapes and the lightness of the glass and steel structures we have chosen to characterize the internal and external space, pointing out a clear and essential architectural language.

The facade is mainly conceived to go between the aesthetic and conceptual definition of the architecture. Built totally in steel and structural glass and closed among big concrete walls the front is both like an optical and material screen of the building, both its external projection; the aim is to symbolize the Company talent to be always in search of innovative and new solutions.







Special thanks to Francesca Rossotti from UAU Office for sharing.

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3 thoughts on “Hitech Systems Headquarter

  1. I love that Berlin wall spanning along the east side of the building, also the pretty airport runway to its left!! great concrete-glass freshmen studio level design overall!

  2. finally!i’d despaired of coolboom’s recent features.too thin on detail. maybe it’s the clarity of the design that makes the feature seem more complete. i’d have liked more interior shots though.

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