Holiday House in the Alps by AFGH Architekten


AFGH Architekten designed this incredible holiday house located in Scheidegg, Switzerland.

The building was arranged on the periphery of the property so that the option of constructing another building could be left open. The concrete cellar anchors the building in the sloping terrain and houses the entrance area and the technical servicing, on top of which is the wooden volume of the building.

The concrete chimney of the open fireplace rises like a mast out of the cellar, and together with a concrete wall forms the bracing backbone behind which the two single-flight staircase connect the three levels.

On the ground floor is a large living room spread over two different levels and with different ceiling heights. The deliberately low area containing the kitchen in fact creates a spatial feeling.

The five-meter long fixed-glazed panorama window, which frames the breathtaking view like a picture, introduces a contemporary modernity.







Photos by Valentin Jeck

Via materialicious

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