Hotel Aire de Bardenas by Monica Rivera & Emiliano Lopez

The Hotel Aire de Bardenas is a four star hotel with 22 rooms including four deluxe suites, piercing alongside the Bardenas Reales National Park and Biosphere Reserve in Tudela, Spain.

The restaurant invites you to sit and enjoy authentic savory dishes in the middle of nature. The chefs cultivate the same products served to your table. Vegetarians will find themselves in paradise with the vegetables from the Ribera of Navarre, their speciality.

Each room combines comfort and well being with simplicity and naturalness. Some of the rooms include a private patio with an exterior bathtub.

Photos by Jos├ę Hevia

Via yatzer

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18 thoughts on “Hotel Aire de Bardenas by Monica Rivera & Emiliano Lopez

  1. I am love everything about the suites. They look very clean and make good use of space.

  2. This minimalistic crap has been done to death. It’s cold, bleak, soulless, looks like a million other generic block fad designs and has no character.

  3. love it! i wanna go sooo badly! its now on my list of places to go! why isn’t it a 5 star hotel tho? it looks worthy of being one!

  4. i love the suite but some view of civilization would be nice… the minimalism in middle of nowhere doesnt do much… kinda boring =P

  5. Hola. Maravilloso lugar. Recomiendo su amanecer, la luna, las estrellas. Te hace volver a la ni˝ez.

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