House and Office by NU Architectuuratelier


NU Architectuuratelier projected this building with a double function: an advertising agency today with scope for conversion to housing tomorrow. This called for an open, flexible layout.

Set on a white concrete plinth, the black sculpture is reminiscent of a modern villa, yet the north-light roof construction has the character of industrial architecture. Daylight enters through four north-light roofs, creating a diffused lighting mood in the white internal space.

Photos removed by request of OWI // Office for Word and Image.

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10 thoughts on “House and Office by NU Architectuuratelier

  1. wow… i must say, there are not many great architects from Belgium but these guys are special… well done

  2. where is this place ?
    I’m doing a work about special forms in architecture for my studies @ the HighSchool Gent.
    thanks guys

  3. very refined project – god is in the details-
    are those tables for sale somewhere?

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