House at Sobral da Lagoa by Bak Gordon Arquitectos


Bak Gordon Arquitectos designed the house in a silent way using soft colors that talk about privacy and tranquility.

The house, a white volume filling the void left between two houses, is located in a rural vernacular village near the west coast in Portugal. One facade facing the access and another facing the fields. In both cases, it’s the character of the colored window openings that animates their composition.

The roof extends the house perimeter to the depth of the adjacent houses and plots. Facing the fields, the pool sets the line of the horizon while giving roof to the storage and garage underneath.








Photos by Leonardo Finotti

Via dezeen

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4 thoughts on “House at Sobral da Lagoa by Bak Gordon Arquitectos

  1. awful. Why would someone pick such a vernacular location for such a hideously modern house? should have been put in NYC or something. it doesnt make any sense

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