House B-Wald


Alexander Brenner Architekten designed this residence located in Stuttgart, Germany, using two anthracite-colored building volumes that glitter in the sunlight.

Project description:

The gate in between them opens to a private world. From up here, one looks down to the residence, a building com- posed of light-colored cubes and dark rectangular slabs. The roof, which is paved with red bricks, braces the single building units.

Approaching the house via the curved access road reveals the contrast between the solid cubes and the lightly-weight, cantilevered sections.

The entrance area is roofed over by such an extremely projecting angled slab. Like the carports at the entrance to the site, this slab is covered with a silicon layer, which sparkles in sun and moonlight. This surfacing finish was refined as a versatile coating system by the architect in a pain- staking development process.

The entrance leads to a central atrium with a glass roof, which allows sunlight right down to garden level, which is oriented towards a wood opposite the house. From the central hall, a rough wooden wall section leads to a bright living space with a kitchen and dining area. A turnable fireplace is positioned between the eating and living areas. The fireplace’s distinctive extension penetrating the roof clearly emphassises this important area towards the outside.

Full-length and full-width glazing on the south side and on the front with the view gives the living area a depth that extends beyond the boundaries of the house.









Photos by Zooey Braun


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2 thoughts on “House B-Wald

  1. I consider this project as a successful real state event and from there I would like to congratulate Architects and Owners … But sincerely, it is difficult for me to understand this kind of exercises are still susceptible to be published after 100 years of Tugendhat permutations. I’m not pretending to judge if this is a good or a bad project…it is just not moving forward, backwards or in any direction one inch in any aspect I can perceive. And in this way the only reason I can imagine to disclose it is the lack of publishing content or/and a worrying stagnation of our profession and the culture it generates.

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