House D by Bevk Perovic Architects


The House D, designed by Bevk Perovic Architects, is located in a prestigious neighborhood of the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The concept of the house was defined by the program required by the clients with a specific lifestyle. The couple wanted a house with one living room, one bedroom and a gymnasium.

Despite the simplicity of the brief, the task was complex: too much program demanded for a relatively small plot of land. A large part of the house is therefore hidden in the ground forming an introvert world secluded from the surroundings. Each floor of the house offers a different level of privacy and relation to the outside space.

The underground gymnasium, containing working space, fitness, sauna, swimming pool and music room, is punctuated by atriums that establish a relationship between interior and exterior.

The living room with reception area, open kitchen and dining area inhabits the first floor and continues over the external terraces that overlook the planted atriums which appear as small gardens.








Photos by Miran Kambic



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