House in Buzen


Japanese Suppose Design Office created this unique house for a young family.

The kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and bedrooms are enclosed in individual cubes which are connected through the outdoor spaces. The glass roof provides natural light and protects for all seasons.






Via designboom

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7 thoughts on “House in Buzen

  1. Great architecture!
    This Japanese home gives us a modern day feel but still keeping us in touch with nature.
    I love the glass roof. Staying in a house where natural lighting is utilized is simply energizing.
    Star gazing in your very own room while lying in your own bed is also a very romantic and cool thing to do.
    Sorry for the biases, I just appreciate glass roofings a lot.
    All in all, this house makes a great place to live in both in terms of design and functionality.
    Add up the eco friendliness and the utilization of nature’s gift, you have yourself a very comfortable place with a very elegant and modern feel.

  2. i really appreciate the indoor outdoor feel that was created and also how each room is it’s own entity in the home. Really love this home

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