House in Juanopolis by una arquitectos

The brazilian firm una arquitectos projected this beautiful house integrated in the landscape following the slope exalting the virtues and protecting it from the nearby buildings.

The building is like a continuum line that folds structuring the house and forming three courtyards which create a relationship between the different areas of the house.

From the street you only see a white tower that protects the infrastructures (kitchen, ovens, fireplace, etc) and a horizontal rectangle of 8 x 40 meters covered with a roof garden.

The parking is between the street and the house level from where you can reach the roof garden or go down through a short tunnel to the courtyard of the living room.

The living areas are arranged around the fireplace and the oven separated by the kitchen. During the day these areas are completely open, becoming a large balcony, and are closed at night, maintaining the transparency. In the rooms there are mobile wood panels to darken the environments.

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

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