House in Romeirão by ARX

The house, designed by ARX, has a strong rural character, with small plantations, orchards and pathways limited by roughly stone walls.

Located in Romeirão, Portugal, the house is facing south over the valley, furrowed by a small river and a mountain in the background. A long volume bent over itself and over the water tank and the tree, creates an exterior space with intimacy and peace. The edges of this tubular form bifurcate in different ways with the exterior.

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

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6 thoughts on “House in Romeirão by ARX

  1. The design of this house is very cool. It looks real spacious and modern. It would have been doubly nice if it is located somewhere overlooking the sea.

  2. Hi,

    Well, it’s not a traditional house of the region.
    But it doesn’t go bad with the surrounding landscape.
    I think that a good balance between the modern architecture and a traditionally rural landascape was found.
    However I’m in favour of keeping traditional architecture, not all over because it’s natural to change, but in some places. As reminders of History.


  3. hi this is alvaro from goa..i think the project is breathtakng .id love to visit this project n test whether it is as splendid sure it is,….

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