House S


Located in Mechelen, Belgium, dmvA Architecten realized an addition that needed a subtle yet practical solution that allowed not only the spatial requirements requested to accommodate the family, but also an experience full of comfort, well being and connectivity.

Due to the light problem on the ground floor, a central void was created, cutting three floors, so light could enter the house via a huge dormer window. In order to lose space, the void was filled in with glass floors. This light-shaft organizes and connects all different living-functions. By means of the glass floors, a spatial transparency is created through which all spaces are connected.

The facade on street side is in every inch the opposite of the back facade. The design of the front is the result of the search for sunscreen, privacy, closeness, urbanism. Characteristic to the front facade is not only verticalism, but also the contemporary translation of roller-blinds, so often used in the past. The back facade, on the contrary, is open, clear, white with large windows. The design-language applied gives this facade a sculptural character.







Photos by Frederik Vercruysse


Via Dailytonic

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