Insidehouse & Outsidehouse


Takeshi Hosaka Architects designed the Insidehouse & Outsidehouse, a private residence located in Tokyo, Japan.

The two story wooden structure consists of two independent units which complete the home. The house is constructed in a way which allows fluid movement from indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as between the two structures.

The smaller structure is considered the “outdoorhouse”, while the “indoorhouse” is the larger unit of the two. The outsidehouse has a small study which opens up onto a roofless courtyard which can be accessed from the insidehouse via the open walkway which runs between the two buildings. Using a built-in ladder, one can climb to the outsidehouse’s second floor which consists of two open balconies.

Though the home isn’s physically connected, large glass windows and cutouts in the courtyard wall facing the insidehouse provide transparency within the home, allowing one to easily look from the insidehouse to the outsidehouse.







Photos by Masao Nishikawa

Via designboom

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