Inspiring River Road Residence with Modern Designs

The calm residence hallway system in this river road residence was looking welcoming and comfy. Even the design of the hallway is simple but the conceptual ideas of this place were look beautiful. We can see through the using of wood as the main material and the concrete material as the combination. That different material was look contrast but balance. The enjoyable low living room designs in this home were similar with the friendly personality of the owner and the practicality design of this home. Even this living room looks low but the main point of comfortable still can be seen here and we can enjoy directly. This was the high exposure dining room that place accidentally on the bottom side of the glass roof. This application was accidentally spark this dining room since this dining room was the center of this home. It was unique and extraordinary when we were seeing the dining room become the center of the home; but it was recommended and applicable. Actually, when we were come into this house; from the outside space of the home we will see the green landscaping outdoor pool. Those whole inspiring river road home ideas were available in this modern river road residence.[via]

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