J House by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect


The J House, designed by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect, is a private residence for a married couple with three children in a suburb of Kagawa, Osaka, Japan.

Two boxes are studiously inserted into the single plain volume in order to create generous space in between. The created rooms are continuously interconnected, so that one can always perceive the existence of the other in the next room. At the same time, the insight is limited in order to secure the privacy.

Although most houses shut out the public, the living room in this house is open to the neighbourhood through the attached terrace, and offers the community space to this developing residence area.








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4 thoughts on “J House by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect

  1. Hi,

    I find it impersonal and its location and surrounding are cold.
    Maybe the japanese like it, but as a portuguese…..

  2. I am Dutch,

    I find Japanese architecture beautiful and Peaceful. The lines and simplicity is what is really like in this building. The site isn’t great butt in case of japan normal.

  3. I am Australian,

    I too find the Japanese architecture to be quite beautiful in that it is minimalist, defined and pays much respect to the order of spaces and function. However, the house looks as though it is currently un-inhabited. You can spruce it up in any case 🙂
    One small feature that grabbed my attention was at the back of the house there is a window which is hidden in the clear corrugated panelling. I love the idea, its hidden yet exposed in a way that I found quite interesting.

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