Leon City Funeral Chapel by BAAS Arquitectes

The Funeral Chapel is located Leon, Spain, in front of a large green area and close to a residential neighborhood. To integrate the building into the natural environment, BAAS Arquitectes decided to bury it under a pond of water.

The waiting room opens to a large slope of ivy and birch, and is characterized with varnished wood, carpets and large indirect lighting to enhance their comfortable appearance. The rooms are naturally illuminated through some courtyards with water that gives privacy to the family.

Via Arch Daily

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5 thoughts on “Leon City Funeral Chapel by BAAS Arquitectes

  1. i live in leon and i must say that here’s begining a kind of architectural revolution. this funeral chapel is 50 metres away from MUSAC and its colors.

  2. die with style… hahaha.. i would my funeral in that funeral chapel, those in my country are so conventional and out of style… i’ll make one! =D

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