Leonardo Glass Cube by 3deluxe


3deluxe created this distinctive corporate architecture for the brand Leonardo. The integrative design concept combines architecture, interior design and landscape design into a complex aesthetic entity.

The glass facade allows the Leonardo Glass Cube to interplay with the surrounding landscape. Inside, a view of a generous open space with an undulating white wall opens up to visitors. Between the curved wall and the glass facade a hallway provides space for informal meetings and events.

The building is a multi-layered composition: the silhouette-like genetics overlay with the graphic design of the glass facade and elements on the inside.








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92 thoughts on “Leonardo Glass Cube by 3deluxe

  1. thinking of the architect is wild ,this is a best design to explain the creativity, the degree of bent and design is superb. Simply love it.

  2. hi….i wana knw where is it n wat is this kind of columns called as??is it soft architecture??

  3. It looks good. It`s asthetic too but the only meed is there required STRENTH…

    This building needed it a lot ….I think So…

  4. That Hi-Macs material used for this building is absolutly brilliant! Much more flexible and easier to work with than Corian by DuPont. Hi-Macs is absolutly my choice in solid surfaces. Prefered by architects!

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