Les Cols Restaurant and Pavilions by RCR Arquitectes

RCR Arquitectes designed, with a very appropriate use of materials, Les Cols Restaurant and Pavilions in Olot, Girona, Spain.

The interior distribution was organized by defining two main axes set perpendicularly to each other. The longitudinal axis is the long, narrow dining area flanked by other small private dining areas and bathrooms, the cross axis which holds the restaurant’s main entrance, was equipped with another dining area, which directly overlooks the outside garden and a large kitchen with an internal patio.

The new addition was putted into relationship with the existing structure through ingenuous semitransparent filters that help lighten the visual impact of the new entrance volume creating an osmosis-like alteration of solids and voids.

The perception created is a mysterious, alluring image with subtle transparencies, light and shadows generating new, sophisticated relationships, intentionally voyeuristic, where the peek-a-boo effect makes the existing and newly designed spaces even more attractive and interesting.

Photos by Eugeni Pons

Photos by Eugeni Pons

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