Liangzhu Culture Museum by David Chipperfield Architects


David Chipperfield Architects has recently completed the Liangzhu Culture Museum in Liangzhu Cultural Village, China. The museum, which will house a collection of archaeological findings from the Liangzhu culture, forms the northern point of a park characterised by water.

The museum is composed of four bar-formed volumes. These volumes all have the same width of 18 meters but differ in height, emerging as a sculptural form visible from the outside. The courtyards inserted in each volume are a part of the tour route and function as joints, linking the different exhibition halls. To the south of the museum there is an island with an exhibition area, linked to the museum building via a bridge.




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5 thoughts on “Liangzhu Culture Museum by David Chipperfield Architects

  1. Liangzhu Culture Museum may be bordering on unfriendly to me . David Chipperfield famous for his grand designs however I feel that he is little known for residential home design. D C has created some modern designs of homes in Portugal these are clean lined welcoming and take account of the surrounding countryside. The designed homes are modernist in outlook,

  2. A new guide out entitled CHINA: museums (ISBN 9781857595932) details the contents of this museum named after one of China’s most important archaeological sites defined famously by its stupendous jade artefacts found at sites located northwest of Hangzhou. Well worth a visit for both the contents and the museum’s designed space set in a cultural parkland.

  3. Third image suggests that this is a very beautiful, quietly poetic place. I’d love to see some interior pictures.

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