Live/Work Space by Sculp(IT)

Architects Pieter Peerlings & Silvia Mertens are Sculp(IT), who live and work in this remmant space of 2.4 meters wide, 5.5 meters depth and 12 meters height.

Four wooden floors between two existing walls organize this house. Downstairs for work, dining on the first, relaxing on the second, sleeping on the third and on the roof a place to go and enjoy the view.

Photos by Luc Roymans

Via Archinect

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19 thoughts on “Live/Work Space by Sculp(IT)

  1. Pretty cool. It reminds me of the container architecture from LO-TEK. I love the large door and the color changes per floor. It’s a bit too public for my taste, but large windows allow for a good amount of natural light.

  2. Hi,

    It looks quite amusing seen from outside.
    But I don’t know if I would like to be alot of time inside, especially working.

  3. Your design is Superb, I come through this site while searching for minimal architecture…. ur design really a good example of tht… but one thing really confused me, i.e. ur water closet how you manage with tht??
    Kindly do reply…

  4. Actually it’s not my design, I just share it with you. I don’t know how they manage. But one thing is sure, you don’t have to be shy 😉 and careful not to wet everything.

  5. This is one of the most specific, ground breaking projects I have ever seen. Well done! Just one thing, no matter how exposed a bathroom is, a toilet seat never looks good right next to your nice, white bed!

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