Living Room by Seifert Stoeckmann

Located in the historic district of Gelnhause, Germany, Seifert Stoeckmann projected the Living Room, as the house is dubbed, that rethinks the roles of private and public life, while injecting ornamental and natural elements into modern architecture.

Clad with a powder-coated-aluminum skin, the house is perforated by 52 windows set in a checkerboard pattern. The interior elements escape traditional boundaries: you are greeted by a rocky ground-floor landscape, as if the house has grown up around it; suspended in space over the living area, the bedroom hangs in a sliding drawer that can be opened over the street for alfresco sleeping; a sound installation, by artist Achim Wollscheid, allows to electronically manipulate noises from the outside and transform them into ambient noise.

As Seifert Stoeckmann explains, the house responds to the exterior environment in a way that’s akin to breathing.

Via Judit Bellostes

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