Lumino House


Davide Macullo Architects projected another stunning house located in the Swiss Alpine village of Lumino.

This house stands as a monolithic element, quietly complementing and echoing its context. The surrounding area is characterized by traditional store built houses, many of which date back centuries and are marked by their use of this single contraction material.

The new house is intended of the vernacular; its exposed reinforced concrete from recalls the revered strength and resonates the presence of these old stone houses. Sitting on the edge of the old village, the house acts as a sort of bastion between the old core and the modern residential expansion.






Photos by Enrico Cano

Via Dagen’s Design

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4 thoughts on “Lumino House

  1. Wow……a nice building…..astonishing…….haha…..i started studying architecture 1 month ago…such building gimme lots of passion for continue to study :p

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