Luxury Panoramic Penthouse Decorating Designs

The luxury penthouse living room decor in this space living decoration will bring feeling comfortable and awesome performance. The entire space in this place will rob our attention with the decorative decoration. Clearly, we also can see the decorative kitchen space decorations that place close with the living room space. Those spaces was try to complete each other so that we will get a thematic look from this space. The marble kitchen table was tried to support the whole decoration in the kitchen space. Furthermore, the comfortable penthouse bedroom design in this space was place in the private room. As the complement for the bedroom space, we will see the contemporary penthouse bathtub ideas. Clearly we will see that both of bedroom and bathroom was designed in the same concept. Both of them was try to complete one and other so that we will like in the same place in this space. Other awesome space from the panoramic penthouse over view plans was the scenery decoration that we can see from the glass window. This over view will give a new looking and a different performance from a living space. As the supporting space, the designer was tried to add the outdoor balcony design ideas.

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