Maison 51


FABRE/deMARIEN architects projected this unique house located in a central district of Bordeaux, France.

The house is 8 meter wide, 13 meters long and 6,5 meter high with an empty central volume that is linked to the street by a porch that shelters the parking area. This empty space is designed to allow natural lighting and ventilation of all rooms despite the compactness of the house.

The patio allows a more complex and interesting view through the rooms and passages of both floors. It also becomes an additional outside room.

The facades have openings with different characteristics depending on their location: French windows with metal balconies installed on the street side, sliding frame with glazed apron on the patio and garden sides, windows for smaller rooms, sliding frames on the ground floor around the patio and access to the garden.

The house is entirely contracted in coated masonry, the joinery is in aluminum and the floors in synthetic resin.







Photos by St├ęphane Chalmeau


Via ArchDaily

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