Mercabarna by Willy Müller Architects


Willy Müller Architects designed the new Mercabarna, an innovative flower market in Barcelona that aims to become one of the principal markets in Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

The market maintains in its exterior façade the archetypical image of traditional markets, in which the roof turns into the real protagonist, like an icon of public architecture. The roof of the new market consists of a combination of folds between the floor, the wall and the roof, dissolving those elements to create entrances, loading zones or protected areas around the entire perimeter of the building. Its analogy with a shell gives the building an organic character that is associated with the activity and movement that is happening on the inside.

Inside three conceptually different markets are located each of them with its own specific characteristics and logistic and technical conditions, according to the product on sale. One part is meant for the Cut Flower Market, with modern industrial cooling systems. On the other end of the complex the Plant Market is located, designed with heating systems with a radiant industrial floor. And in the middle of these two opposite sector the Accessory Market is located, where they work with dried flowers that requests a considerable storage area.





Photos by Ricardo Loureiro

Via TrendsNow

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