Mercedes-Benz Museum by UNStudio


Located in Stuttgart, Germany, UNStudio projected a sophisticated geometry that celebrates a legendary car.

The geometric model employed is based on the trefoil organization. The building’s program is distributed over the surfaces which ascend incrementally from ground level, spiraling around a central atrium.

The Museum experience begins with visitors traveling up through the atrium to the top floor from where they follow the two main paths that unfold chronologically as they descend through the building.

The two main trajectories, one being the car and truck collection and the other consisting of historical displays called the Legend rooms, spiral downwards on the perimeter of the display platforms, intersecting with each other at several points allowing the visitor to change routes.








Photos by Michael Schnell

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

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12 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Museum by UNStudio

  1. The last two pictures in that series are from the Porche Museum, in the same area.

  2. the last couple of images are actually from the porsche museum, which is also awesome i might add.

  3. For those who saw the post earlier today… Thanks for sharing my BIG mistake! I mixed some photos from the Porsche Museum into the Mercedes Benz Museum. I have changed them, but I still doubt from the one with the horse…

  4. ALL snaps now are from Mercedes museum – I have been there myself.

    Really great building and great interior by the way. Porsche museum is just a funny tryout in comparison to this.

  5. Or – let’s say – Porsche museum looks better on snaps (because it is so graphic-like and bla-bla-bla…), but Mercedes museum is much cooler in reality (I’ve been to them both and on the same day, so the impressions were fresh to compare). In Porsche museum there is very unprofessionally solved exposition and lighting (lighting makes very tired – it is cold and it is even everywhere, no accents, nothing), there’s just chaos everywhere, no concept, no chronology, just pure shapes, shapes, shapes, sucked out of finger and having no relation to the topic.

    Mercedes museum is a really thought through space. It’s like one big story, it’s like reading a book – when one walks through it. And the space is so interesting and so unpredictably developing from exposition to exposition.

    And another paradox – Mercedes museum looks not that big from outside, but interior looks HUGE. And Porsche in the contrary – looks huge outside, but is percepted as very tight space inside.

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