Modern Glass Pavilion with Green and Clean Garden

These applicative mid living room ideas were look simple and applicative. Located in indoor space of the house, this place was close with the outdoor space actually. We will see that this living room was look similar with the terrace space and we can see the similar application of this space started from interior and furniture theme of the space. The huge open landscaping bedroom of this pavilion was tried to support the main theme of the living room. If we were looking down the whole space of this pavilion correctly, our mind will know that the main interior landscaping of this pavilion was transparent and open landscaping. Actually, not only both of living room and bedroom that use open landscaping theme, the bathroom space of this pavilion was applying the transparent bathroom decor plans. The white light bathroom space of this building was look attractive and expressive since it was a private space for several people. Both bathroom and bedroom was the private space from a building construction especially a living space so that it will be better to apply this application carefully. Completed with green and clean outdoor garden, our mind will see the complete look of these modern glass pavilion designs.[via]

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