Modern Minimalist Concrete House Designs from marte.marte Architekten

Check out this minimalist concrete house interior decor in this house series and don’t ever say that you were not interesting on. The entire decoration in this house was tried to accommodate the need of a comfortable human living space. The outdoor side of this house was tried to support the need of green decoration. The green plants in this outdoor space were giving both natural and friendly look. Going inside to this house we will see the interior decoration that thought the humble and simple decoration from the furniture and the ornament arrangement was very diligently and neatly. Take a look also at this space saving kitchen space decorating ideas that designed close with the living room space. The living room was completed with the fireplace decoration while the kitchen space was supported with the simple kitchen table and the storage system that use the concept of minimalist and stylish look. Here were the comfortable concrete house bathroom designs that completed with the stylish bathtub and the simple wash basin ornament. For further info, we were allowed to see these modern concrete house designs layouts.

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