Natural Timber House Designs by Sturgess Architecture

The eco friendly timber house plans by Sturgess Architecture will give us new inspiration design if we want to built a compatible home as a place to get new spirit of live. As we can see that this house was build close to the nature. The green nature was embrace whole outdoor space of this house as combine smoothly with the entire material of this house. Clearly from the outdoor space we can see the natural outdoor space decorating from the timber material that combines with the wooden material for the ceiling decorating. Other additional stuff that calls as main material was the glass decoration.

This stuff was completed both wooden and timber material look awesome and outstanding. Those complete decorating idea will be more attractive since the designer was diligently thought all the design. The wooden ceiling decorating ideas from this house was complete whole outdoor and indoor space of this house so if we want to going inside of this house, we will get same look and appearance of nature. Completed with the open plan terrace, this house was completely look s open plan construction also. This open plan space can be use as place for us to get relax and enjoy sun bathing when the summer time. Special for those who want to get closer with nature and want to have extraordinary appearance from just a living place, this unique timber house construction will help you guys!

eco-friendly-timber-house-plans-580x359 Natural Timber House Designs by Sturgess Architecture1 Natural Timber House Designs by Sturgess Architecture3 Natural Timber House Designs by Sturgess Architecture4

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