Next Generation House by Sou Fujimoto Architects

The next generation house, designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, is a small housing module for weekend use located on the edge of a forest overlooking the River Kuma at Kumakura, Japan.

The small pavilion, a 4×4 meters cube, is made by assembling solid japanese cedar blocks kept in place by their own weight and connecting metal cables running through vertical drill holes.

Some of the inside cubes are laid off-center to create shelves, small living areas and even steps to move from one level to another. Offsets in the wall cubes also create windows with views of the surrounding countryside. Two roof skylights provide extra natural light.

At night, artificial light visible from the outside helps to dematerialize the cube by mixing the warm tones of wood with the amber glow of incandescent bulbs, emphasizing the ways in which a structure made up of heavy wooden elements can seem so light and airy.

Photos by Iwan Baan

Via Judit Bellostes

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