Next Generation House by Sou Fujimoto Architects

The next generation house, designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, is a small housing module for weekend use located on the edge of a forest overlooking the River Kuma at Kumakura, Japan.

The small pavilion, a 4×4 meters cube, is made by assembling solid japanese cedar blocks kept in place by their own weight and connecting metal cables running through vertical drill holes.

Some of the inside cubes are laid off-center to create shelves, small living areas and even steps to move from one level to another. Offsets in the wall cubes also create windows with views of the surrounding countryside. Two roof skylights provide extra natural light.

At night, artificial light visible from the outside helps to dematerialize the cube by mixing the warm tones of wood with the amber glow of incandescent bulbs, emphasizing the ways in which a structure made up of heavy wooden elements can seem so light and airy.

Photos by Iwan Baan

Via Judit Bellostes

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10 thoughts on “Next Generation House by Sou Fujimoto Architects

  1. Good looks, but who would want to spend a whole day in a giant exploded soma cube? You’d be whacking your head on those planks jutting out everywhere, and is it just open sky at the top for rain and bugs to get in?

    I could see this better purposed as the ultimate fort for your kids to climb on, but man, I don’t know about living in it for an entire day, let alone a weekend?

  2. you people are dumb.
    if you’re oblivious enough to smack your head against the timbers, well the world is probably better without you. hey, what can i say, it’s a “survival of the fittest,” chum.
    secondly, if you can’t see the reflection occurring where there only should be the sky, you’d probably realize that there’s a glass skylight.
    moreover, unlike you “evan,” some people are looking for ways to be connected to nature. Whether you’re an urbanite or just plain intolerant, hold your misinformed self-righteousness to yourself. If you are going to object publicly at any forum, least you can do it with much more intellectual rigor and analysis.

  3. very innovate concept to conect with nature, but for my taste it looks heavy, anyway, it does make sense if we are talking about integrity with nature

  4. hi architects,
    i am totally with you zak. you are right..
    i see this is a nice place where you can have a (new space experience). and that is exactly what every architect should try to achieve, to give people a (new space experience).

  5. Well, Zak, I know it’s not a dumb box. If every architect is after the plain and ordinary, what are eyes for then ?

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