Nine Houses Complex in Rhodes


Andreas Chadzis designed a nine summer house complex in Pefki, a peaceful resort and one of the most beautiful and beloved areas in east-southern Rhodes, Greece.

Project description:

The plot is at such way oriented, so that it offers unlimited views of the sea, while the minimum distance that separates it from the sea, gives the possibility of calmness and privacy for the settlers. The main objective was the complete harmonization of residences with the natural environment, so the architecture and location to form an element.

The outer shell of residences consists by a composition of mixed volumes with the landscape and its elements. A central element of residences is an independent overflow swimming-pool, which take shape in the exterior verandas of residences that illustrate the liquid component of the residence.

All residences are built on two levels, combining the traditional with the contemporary planning using stones from a local excavation. The “scenery” offers indoor and outdoor activities and a sense of serenity.







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11 thoughts on “Nine Houses Complex in Rhodes

  1. Beautiful house and stunning architecture. Andreas Chadzis has certainly done a good job on this. the infinity feel and vibe of the house interior and the outside area with the pool blends seamlessly into the surroundings, making it feel natural and effortless. Good job.

  2. Hey what program was this rendered in? Im an urban design student; appreciate the attention to details in this work.

  3. beautiful design ….
    rock has a texture that can be combined with any material.
    building material to highlight the cause element of antique stone.

  4. talk about modern elegance at its finest! the straight edges on the house make it look so clean!! love the infinity pool over looking exquisite views…

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