Openhouse by XTEN Architecture


XTEN Architecture designed this amazing house located in the Hollywood Hills, California.

The house is embedded into a narrow and sharply sloping property, a challenging site that led to the creation of a house that is both integrated into the landscape and open to the city below.

Retaining walls are configured to extend the first floor living level into the hillside and to create gardens on two levels. The front, side and rear elevation of the house slide open to erase all boundaries between indoors and out, connecting the spaces to gardens on both levels.








Via Design Milk

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7 thoughts on “Openhouse by XTEN Architecture

  1. I like ur house. This not a house but sweet home where the happieness lives. The artitecture of ur house is nice. i love it.

  2. I can almost swear that this house was used in the movie “spread” with Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche….anyone knows if true? seriously cool house.

  3. BJ, it indeed is that same house. The architecture of that firm is absolutely exquisite. Glad to see that someone else is paying attention.


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