Paperhouse by Heatherwick Studio


Heatherwick Studio has completed a series of brass newspaper kiosks in London.

The kiosks open by rotating the front sections around the structure, allowing vendors to set their stock more efficiently.

They are made of wood coated in patinated brass, supported by a steel frame. A glazed band at the top allows natural light into the kiosks during the day and is illuminated at night.




Photos by Cristobal Palma

Via dezeen

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4 thoughts on “Paperhouse by Heatherwick Studio

  1. I like that. I wish it was a tertiary institution where i could be enrolled to study there.Currently i’m in TATCO Tamale.

  2. very nice, i’m studying architecture and i’ve been asked to design a kiosk, i wonder what is the concept of this kiosk, i mean how is it related to it’s function….or maybe it’s surrounding…
    I’m in my second year by the way 😛 but very cool. wish there was a picture of it at night with all it’s lights

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