Parque España Library by Giancarlo Mazzanti


At the edge of the mountain in the city of Santo Domingo Medellín, Colombia, Giancarlo Mazzanti projected three artificial rocks as a symbol for the city to enhance urban development and public activities in the area.

The rock-buildings are organized into three major blocs: library, community center and cultural center. Each tower-rock has a different height to accommodate its program, creating educational environments for multiplicity of events.







Photos by Sergio Gómez


Via Plataforma Arquitectura

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11 thoughts on “Parque España Library by Giancarlo Mazzanti

  1. Very bold design and in such cases the design either ‘works’ or it doesn’t. I think the vast majority of people would agree, in this case it definitely works! Now, hopefully the design will be carefully maintained.

  2. disculpa pero el proyecto es en medellin colombia en un barrio que se llama santo domingo

  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Ivan Hurtado is right, Parque España Librari is in the district of Santo Domingo in the city of Medellín, Colombia.

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