Pedestrian Bridge by Mirů Rivera Architects


With a design inspired in the reeds that cover the lake, Mirů Rivera Architects projected this pedestrian bridge that crosses the Lake Austin in Texas, USA.

The bridge is in fact not for public consumption, it links the main house to a guest house across the lake. The bars/reeds intertwine at the abutments and grow over the bridge, camouflaging it and turning into symbiotic almost invisible link.



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5 thoughts on “Pedestrian Bridge by Mirů Rivera Architects

  1. Very poetic – I love it! Too bad it’s made for this family only, should have been for public use once you make such a beautiful bridge.

  2. that’s so cool …um i hope someday i can see this kind of design in my hometown natural and lovely..

  3. beautiful, but is it built? I don’t see any diagonals (except for the slight inward camber of the two bottom chords), which has me worried; and the member sizes seem too thin…

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