Planar House by Steven Holl Architects

This private residence, designed by Steven Holl Architects, is thought to be a part of the great 20th century contemporary art collection of the owners.

Constructed of tilt-up concrete walls, the flat and rotated nature of the walls merges with the simple orthogonal requirements of the interiors for art. The house is a vessel for the art collection hidden behind a perforated sheet of Cot-Ten steel.

Via materialicious

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6 thoughts on “Planar House by Steven Holl Architects

  1. It is almost more than a house, the walls resemble the sculptures of art, or more of abstract art, but capture a delicate flavor that is very unique to a design. I like it!

  2. too many detailed patterns- distracts from the alure of the house- if there was any- i didnt pick it up for sure

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