Reforma House


Central de Arquitectura designed this luxurious house located in the western side of Mexico City.

Project description:

The offer was created across the volumes of rock. Trying to respond to the horizontal that the spaces and the program generated; responding to the proportions of the same. The work retakes the geometries of the context and urban images putting the together in a tectonic volume. This volumes float in a water mirror which gives access to the house. A single skin of rocks gives color and shape to the whole project, creating modulated bathrooms and perforations that allow the entrencce of light and shades created by the same volumes, having like this a control over natural light y making very private seating areas.

In the interior the spaces generated by the sketch made them have a wide range of the diversity in the materials applied as well as the combination of the same. The structural solution is formed by a mixed concrete and steel; this for the gaps are intended to free, thanks to this the result was a silver free of columns and visually transparent that generates an interaction inside-outside across of existing translucent openings. Having like this interior spaces that transform with the exterior areas around it.

A single family residence that is generated from the broad needs of the client an extensive program was developed and allowed to make a game of space around the set designed First, the program consists of outdoor areas, amenities and recreation, as well as private areas, social and service.

The interior architecture played a major role in the design process, one of the elements to note is the interaction of materials and furnishings chosen in each of the elements of the final outcome of the work.












Photos by Paul Czitrom

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